Signature Peeler Knife

Signature Peeler Knife

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Justin Warner x Nagomi

If you have some prep that requires detail, say, removing kiwi skin (I just eat the skin, it's like a built-in condiment) this is the knife you'll reach for.

One could call it a paring knife, but I've found that when I need to get the skin off of something without compromising the flesh, this is where I go.

I put my signature on this knife because when it's time to impress with food, precision is what I look for.

Product Specs:

    •    Weight: 270g
    •    Size: 12x3
    •    Made in Japan

500 Years of Tradition:

Based in Seki, a Japanese city with a rich history of knife making, Nagomi knives are still precisely crafted in the same place where Samurai traveled from all over the land to sharpen their own swords many generations ago.