Signature Cake Knife

Signature Cake Knife

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Justin Warner x Nagomi

This model of knife has gotten a lot of critical acclaim from pastry chefs around the world for its ability to saw through the flakiest of pastries with nary a crumb.  Look it on up, if you must.

For me though, I use this for anything with squish -- tomatoes, mangos, peak-season peaches, and anything else that's ready to burst.

I put my signature on this knife because I love BLTs (it's an incredible two punch combo when slicing a tomato and a fresh loaf of bread).

Product Specs:

  • Weight: 265 grams
  • 12" x 3" x 1"
  • Made in Japan

500 Years of Tradition:

Based in Seki, a Japanese city with a rich history of knife making, Nagomi knives are still precisely crafted in the same place where Samurai traveled from all over the land to sharpen their own swords many generations ago.